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He makes everything Good—even this Friday.

He was betrayed so we could be saved.

He was put on trial so we could be pardoned.

He carried the cross to one day lift every burden.

He was beaten so we could be restored.

He was nailed so we could be set free.

He was pierced so we could be made whole.

He suffered so we could know a day with no pain.

He breathed His last breath so that His beloved children could have new life. He died so that we could be born again.

And His victory is now our victory, too.

This Friday that seems filled to the brim with fear and concern and unrest after such a deadly week in this country is also a Good Friday that overflows with reminders of grace and love and passion and hope.

And because of His sacrifice, we do not have to live with fear of today or tomorrow or the pain of yesterday and the days before because we know who died and rose so that we may fully live.

Jesus, You make everything good. Even this day.

Image Credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash



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